The Creative Spark

Photo of Jackson Pollock

I've always been a creative minded person. However, in the past, my creative talents were focused on numbers and my business pursuits. That all changed 2 and a half years ago on a routine flight from Toronto to Vancouver.

With no interesting movies to watch in the new releases section of the inflight entertainment, I came across an older film about the life of artist Jackson Pollock. I was immediately inspired by the passion, style and athleticism of the way he painted. By the middle of the film I found myself so enthralled that I just knew I had to start painting myself.

The moment we touched down I emailed my assistant to find a studio that was prepared to shut down for a Friday afternoon, tell me what to bring and leave me alone on my painting adventure. Within a couple hours she had it booked.

Low and behold, after an hour or so of painting, an image appeared. I developed it further over the next 3 hours before calling it my first piece. I got home somewhat exhausted, but elated, and showed my wife a photo of my creation. She cried, hugged me and exclaimed "thank you for not embarrassing me!"  As they say, the rest is history!