West Vancouver Artist to be Featured at the Louvre in Paris

VANCOUVER, BC (October 18th, 2017) - West Vancouver abstract artist GK Hinkson will be presenting his work this weekend (October 20th to 22nd) at the world famous Louvre in Paris, as part of the exhibition: “The Modern Art Masters - PAKS Gallery International.” His recent work “Midnight Blue” caught the attention of international art curators and has since garnered attention across Europe, culminating in this prestigious invitation. Midnight Blue is the piece that will be featured.

GKHinkson creating "Midnight Blue"
The PAKS gallery, located at the renowned international art institution, is expecting 12,000 visitors to attend the show between Friday and Sunday.
GK Hinkson, also known as Kim, says the inspiration for his featured work is “the colour of the West Coast ocean on a beautiful moonlit evening.” It is a piece from his West Coast Water Collection, a dynamic grouping of paintings in which he mixes acrylic and water to recreate the magic of the Pacific North West. As well as showcasing his work in Paris, he has also been invited to Montreux in November, and Vienna and Basel in 2018.
What makes his story so extraordinary, is that GK Hinkson took up painting less than three years ago, having spent nearly three decades working as the founder and president of a finance company in Vancouver. Hinkson became inspired to pick up a paintbrush, after watching the Ed Harris movie “Pollock,” while on a business flight from Toronto to Vancouver.
“I was watching the film on the plane, and I just become completely engrossed. I was captivated by this passion, by the artistry and technique of his work. I’ve always been creative in what I call my “real work” – you know, the 9-5 world of finance, but I felt restricted, and I wanted something more. I have finally started to express myself through art – and now years of artistic frustration are appearing on canvas.”