G. Kim Hinkson, Artist

Driven by a desire for raw authentic self-expression, Kim delves into his innermost thoughts and galvanizes them into abstract works of acrylic on canvas. These bold and organic creations evoke the beauty, power and inspiration of his surroundings. He chases bold ideas with a feverish passion and a deeply rooted need to create inspired by the likes of Jackson Pollock and Gerhard Richter.

Artist Statement

I was so awe-inspired by the life and work of Jackson Pollock that I taught myself how to paint. As an artist there’s a complete freedom and liberty around painting. I put everything I have into every brushstroke. Constantly pushing myself emotionally and physically. Forcing myself to look outside the box utilizing all available resources to manipulate the medium in a way that provokes people to feel an emotional connection to my work. I want it to be real, an experience that’s not contrived. Completely genuine.


GK HINKSON | The Process

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